How Much CBD Oil To Give My Dog

how much CBD oil to give dog

CBD, which is short for cannabinoid, is not hidden from anyone in today’s time. Easier it was considered illegal for consumption in any form. Today it is legal in many parts of the world due to several health benefits. CBD is an active ingredient from the cannabis plant which has amazing healing effects on all the mammals.

It also helps in treating the balancing issues. Though there had been enough research and discussion about the usage of cannabis for humans, very few people know about CBD for pets. Pet owners are often curious about this topic as research says that cannabis can benefit the pets also when consumed in the proper quantity. Pet owners today use CBD for issues like cancer, arthritis, pain, inflammation and such serious ailments. CBD is also effective for pets dealing with post-surgery traumas, mental issues and appetite issues.

The process by which CBD works is interacting with receptors in the body. One such receptor represented in the brain is called the CB1 receptor and CB2 present in the cells of the immune system. Controlling the inflammation by regulating processes within the cells is one of the main roles of the CBD.

How Much CBD Oil for Pets 

Interesting topic for many today is how safe CBD is for pets. There are different types of cannabis like marijuana and hemp. Marijuana makes one feel high due to large quantities of THC present in it. Hemp is opposite with no content of THC in them. Hemp is the beneficial Cannabis compound with no side effects and no signs of getting highs. People prefer hemp for their pests due to these reasons. Hemp is preferred in more than 50 states due to lessening THC and no proven negative impacts on pets. Cats and dogs are the two common pets people adopt. Hence researchers also happen regarding cannabis effects in cats and dogs. In many different forms, cannabis occurs for pets. The way of giving dosage to such pets is also different.

The dosage for every pet varies depending on their health condition. However, a standard dosage recommended for pets is 1mg to 5 mg per ten pounds of the body mass. These dosages must be the same even if you are giving dosage in the form of liquids or biscuits. Hence the quantity might differ in each case.

As per the body weight, the following dosage must be followed in dogs:

  •  1-5 mg for 10 pounds
  • 2mg -10mg for 20 pounds
  • 4-20 mg for 40 pounds
  • 5-25 mg 50 pounds
  • 6-30mg for 60 pounds
  • 7-35 mg for 70 pounds
  • 8-40 mg for 80 pounds,

In cats, the suggested dose is 1-5 mg. However, if you are giving CBD to your pets the first time do not go to the extreme range of dosage. Start with the middle range of CBD dose first. Results began to show within 30 minutes usually. You can offer a little bit more CBD if results don’t show even after an hour. You can keep offering the CBD after every 8 hours if the pain is too severe. If your pet has no symptoms or mild symptoms you can offer CBD once or twice per day.

Choosing the Best CBD Oil for Pets 

CBD occurs in various forms and choosing an ideal one for the pets is important. Each CBD type has its benefits. For the maximum effect, you can choose full-spectrum CBD as they are not refined and have a high amount of cannabinoid. However, the flavour might be grassy and might not be liked by every pet. Isolate CBD is also considered one of the great options for pets as it has no flavour and no plant matter also. If you have a picky pet then isolating CBD can be the best option. Pets with different health conditions like cancer, arthritis, anxiety and more can also consume CBD of a specific type in the form of oil, biscuit or food.

CBD Oil for Pet Anxiety

 Anxiety is a common condition in humans but even pets can suffer from it. They can also have conditions like PTSD, difficulty adjusting in new homes, difficulty in interacting with new people etc. pet owners do not want to rely on anti-anxiety drugs all the time. Hence they seek natural methods of which CBD treatment is a better option. CBD has lesser no side effects at all when compared to anti-depression drugs for pets. Pet owners also care to know whether CBD will make their pets high. The answer to this lies in the two strains of CBD. One is the CBD oil for pets which is made from the hemp plant having no concentration of THC and the other one is the marijuana strain that has high THC which can make your pets high.

CBD from industrial hemp is considered legal across the states. Pressed hemp seeds result in hemp oils as the final product. CBD rich Hemp oil, seeds and flowers also contribute to the CBD oils for pets. Hence while choosing CBD oils for your pets make sure that they state the ingredients in the proper amount. Finding the best CBD oil for dogs can be challenging. You need to shop carefully and in some cases even put advertisements to get the best products. You need to have sharp eyes when checking for the ingredients in CBD pet oils. Even the minute details like mg also need to be checked when you are a buyer of your CBD. when given dosage in the proper amount then only pets can see effective results. The too high or too low dosage might not be as effective as the expectations. However, being a buyer you need to be sharp in buying the correct product.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs

 Following are benefits of giving CBD to your dog-

  • Treats lack of appetite issues
  • Prevents nauseousness from travelling in a car
  • Relief from the cancer pain
  • Treats separation anxiety
  • Helps in recovery from surgeries or pains
  • Helps in regaining energy
  • Helps in recovering from illness soon
  • Relieves grumpiness towards others

The list is just a brief idea of what all CBD can do in pets. You can read more about the CBD oil benefits here. Sometimes pet owners prefer CBD along with existing medications as per the suggestion of exports. Either option can be considered based on the health condition of pets. The pet doctor might suggest a better alternative for the situation of a pet. CBD so far has not reported any negative effect in pets and hence many people are eagerly looking out for CBD oils for pets.

 If you also have a pet, especially a dog you must consider CBD products for it. Some health conditions like nauseousness in cars, grumpiness and similar issues are not considered an illness but can still be treated by the correct CBD product. Hence, you must ensure to check the product twice before buying and giving to your pet. Gone are the days when cannabis was only known to make mammals high. Today hemp is popular and will continue to evolve owing to the positive health effects it has. Hence read more about CBD pet oils, pet biscuits and give them to your pets.

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